Amar and Vivian have created a reliable platform for outstanding real estate performance; a wonderfully synchronized and fully integrated system for servicing the needs and expectations of clients – and it’s a program that has also become proven testimony to how their working together simply makes things better.


Amar knows a whole lot about a lot in the world of real estate. It didn’t happen overnight and it certainly couldn’t be fast-tracked. So … Amar has happily spent thirty-plus-years pursuing the intricacies, dynamics and opportunities that comprise his field of endeavour. Today, he is a key voice in the broad spectrum of Vancouver real estate, wielding his special experience, award-winning performance and pull-no-punches approach for his diverse client base of homeowners, architects, developers and builders. When he’s not at work in real estate, Amar loves to box, hike and spend time with his family. He’s been married to his wife, Vivian, for almost 30 years and has two lovely daughters.


Vivian knows a whole lot about a lot in the field of real estate management. On any given day you may find Vivian performing numerous critical functions: customizing marketing campaigns; coordinating staging, photography, floorplans, videos, and tours for listings; attending photoshoots; creating digital and hard copy presentations for both residential and investor clients; procuring up-to-date technology to facilitate accurate financial models for project analysis; accounting and back door management. And, no surprise, there’s much more, the good news being that the always glowing Vivian will be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have. That is, of course, if she’s not taking a break to hike, observing Amar’s boxing dexterity, or simply enjoying the company of her two wonderful daughters.


Amar found an ideal property, introduced us to various trade professionals, and provided valuable design and building advice for our family home. His understanding of construction, zoning, city bylaws and more added a reassuring perspective and was a welcome bonus. His knowledge and experience are unparalleled in all aspects of buying, designing, building, marketing, selling and negotiating successful real estate deals. Thanks Amar!

Nelson and Jenny

Amar surpassed our highest expectations, delivering superb service in the selling of our home. His market research provided a realistic guide to Vancouver market conditions and house pricing followed by his assistance throughout, including shouldering the stress of negotiation while also helping us find our next property and a renovation contractor. Vivian helped so efficiently in the preparation of our home, it felt seamless. Working with Amar and Vivian? An amazing experience.

Shane & Blair

Amar brought his wonderful energy, self-confidence, and knowledgeable property development experience to bear on our development project that was somewhat floundering. Responding to his extensive experience, including a thorough understanding of the permitting process at the City of Vancouver, our development is now successfully nearing completion. Amar is there with a bounty of skills and service to seemingly make virtually any real estate transaction happen successfully. We recommend him unreservedly.

Anna & Ashley

We’ve happily known Amar for the past 20 years and, as our family grew and our needs changed, he has successfully guided us through several real estate transactions. His in-depth knowledge of the local market provided the honest and practical advice we needed. Furthermore, Amar’s understanding of building requirements for new home construction and knowledge of the intricacies in the building process proved invaluable. Amar is authentic, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him.

Pam & Raj

Amar is master of his craft with a wealth of experience that is tremendously beneficial to his clients. Above all, he puts his clients’ needs first, graciously offering his time and advice while consistently going the extra (few) miles to be certain the job is done right. We highly recommend Amar.

Zahra & Karim